Google Adsense is one of the best ad network to monetize your blog or website content to earn money for you. But, it is difficult to get the Adsense approved for your blog as Google has made it very strict. Google adsense approval trick and criteria which we are going to see now can be used to get it approved for sure.

11 Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense

Your Blog Content

Content is your product in your blog and nothing else. I have seen many blogs which focus on design, theme, loading time, SEO etc. which is secondary but not much on content of their posts which is of the primary importance to the readers. Readers never visit your blog for good design, theme or seo optimization. They visit your blog only & only for your content. Hence, google focuses on this criteria the most whether the blog has enough content or not.

15 – 20 + SEO Optimized Posts

The minimum number of posts required are 15 – 20 + with a minimum of 500 + words to get the approval very easily. Though SEO, design / theme are secondary compared to your content but they definitely have effect on the way your content is presented & influence your reader’s mood.

If you have great content but very bad design, slow loading site then also readers might not be interested in visiting your site, so we have to focus on good design. There are many free themes available with proper responsive design & good loading time, you can use them.

And though however good the content is, it will be searched by an algorithm / computer program only and it understands only SEO. So, to show your content on top you have make your content SEO optimized. WordPress SEO by Yoast is a very good wordpress plugin for this purpose which even I am using in this blog to optimize the posts.

  • Original content

Make sure your content is original and not copied. Search engines hate plagarism and even your readers might hate it, you can produce a good amount of original content by some small effort to convey your message to your readers. Please don’t just copy and paste the content from other blogs, you will just put yourself and your blog’s growth into a downward direction.

  • Restricted content

If your blog is about religious, adult, copy-righted or controversial content then better not to apply for Google Adsense as it might not be approved as per Google Adsense’s policy.

About – Page

Most of the blogs do not concentrate much on the About / About Us page but it is equally important as your content. Because, how will your reader know about you and the intention of this blog & the content of this blog. Your About page is the only place where your readers can get more information on you & your intentions & content. In blogosphere, most of the blogs are judged by your readers to visit again bases on your About page only. Your about page speaks about you and your blog at the same time and it is very much required for both your readers to trust on you and they have only one area of focus for this i.e.,

About page is also an indication of whether you are a serious blogger or not. Google Adsense takes even this also into consideration for approval as it is important for them also to ensure advertising their client contents on quality & trust worthy blogs.

Privacy policy and Disclaimer

These are also important for your blog to look more professional to ensure your readers to trust on conveying how you are using their personal data which your blog is tracking.

This will increase the chances of your blog to get Adsense approval. You can use this blog’s Privacy policy and Disclaimer according to your blog’s functioning and go ahead to create them.

I have used the above criteria for this blog only and Google Adsense approval was complete for the first time only and that in just 3 days.

Contact – Page

Contact / Contact us page is also an important criteria for your blog. Please go ahead and add a contact us page using Contact form plugin in just 2 min. Provide the email address which you frequently check in the contact form plugin.

Note : Please check whether the email is getting delivered properly or not with a test mail.

If you consider your blog is meeting the above criteria then you can go ahead and apply for Adsense.

Thanks for reading. If you have any doubts regarding adsense approval, you can ask me through comments or contact us Share your views on Adsense approval tricks & criteria with me through comments, I would be happy to hear them.

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